All About Agriculture

Learn About Agriculture
Ag Across America Game  Get a passport and learn about agriculture
State Ag Facts  Learn agriculture information for every state in the Union
Agriculture Information  Lots of topics

Agriculture and Technology
Harvest This Game  Send crops flying through the air as you solve math problems and load crops onto different transportation vehicles used in agriculture
Spin and Solve  Spin the wheel and solve word puzzles about the science and technology involved in agriculture
Wild Water Adventures  Ready for an adventure?  Test your reading skills as you ski, kayak, and raft through several obstacle courses

Careers in Agriculture
My Little Ag Me  What can you do in agriculture?  Build your own "Ag Me" to find out!
Agriculture Careers  Information

Taking Care of the Earth
Keys to Stewardship  Race to earn points by finding images of conservation practices hidden in a farm scene
Our Earth  Research
Composting for Kids  Information


All Kinds of Farms
4-H Virtual Farm  Horse farm, aquaculture, beef, dairy, poultry and wheat farming.  Facts and videos.
Where in the World?  Solve a mystery by locating where different crops and livestock originated around the world
Flowers, Plants, and Gardening for Kids!  A guide to plants, botany, gardening, hydroponics, and horticulture.

That's My Life  Race against the clock to put images of different plant, animal, and product life cycles in the correct order
Farm Equipment  Information


Lots of Animals
Farm Animals  Horses, cattle, chickens, sheep, turkeys, dogs, goats, ducks, geese, elk, and other animals
Critter Corner  Information
Nature Notes  Information
Sounds on the Farm  Sound files!

Specific Animals
All About Chickens  Information
All About Cows  Information
More All About Cows  Information
All About Ducks  Information
Emu Fact Sheet  Information
All About Sheep  Information and Video
All About Turkeys  Information


Foods in General
Farmer's Market Challenge  Take a trip to the Farmer's Market and test your math skills
Be a Star Chef  Use context clues to find the missing ingredients needed to make several tasty items
Finder's Keepers  Move fast to snag food items from the moving screen to fit into each food group
Nutrition in the Garden Information

What Grows  Information on cherries, pears, apples, hay, peaches, apricots, asparagus
Amazing Grains Game  Test your math skills and learn about America's most amazing grains

Dairy Products
The Story of Milk  Information
Who Stole the Milk Supply?  Game
Facts about Dairy Products  Information
How to Make Cheese  Video (scroll down to video)
Making Butter  Video (scroll down to video)

Food Safety
Foodbourne Illnesses  Solve these cases about illnesses from food


Commodity Mystery Game  New mystery every time
Commodities Memory Game  Matching game
Word Search  Livestock, commodities, and fruit

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